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The SEAL Philosophy

SEAL of Approval

Beginning with the concepts of settings, exposure, aesthetics and lighting, the SEAL concept is a step towards great photography even in everyday moments.

Photography is simplified into bite-sized concepts and tips that are applicable regardless of camera and equipment. With a range of courses to cover many topics of interest, from understanding lighting to perfect composition, we’ll help you understand your camera better and pursue infinite creativity.

No matter what you like to capture on your camera, the learning experience you will receive is aimed to minimize the effort, time and cost that are often involved in becoming a good photographer.

The courses are designed to suit photographers of all levels. Whether you use a DSLR or your smartphone to capture photos, our courses discuss photography details and ideas in an easy-to-follow manner that can be applied to daily photography. Seasoned photography enthusiasts can also join us to gain new insights to create the perfect shot!